Emily McCormick

Cobblestone Kitchen is owned by Emily McCormick. Emily has had a lifelong obsession with baking. It’s true! As a child, she would sneak into the kitchen while her parents were sleeping to whip up batches of cookies. (How telling that her parents never moved the ingredients out of her young reach). 

Prior to Cobblestone she worked for several years as an event coordinator and then later in the energy industry. When the opportunity to operate Cobblestone Kitchen arose she was thrilled to share her passions of delicious cookies and spreading happiness.


Emily lives in Oklahoma with her husband and children. She is almost always in the midst of cooking through new cookbooks.

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Phelps Insurance has been ordering cookies from Cobblestone for years.  Their customer service is top notch and the cookies are delicious!!  They're a great gift, especially for someone who doesn't live in your area.

-Ken Phelps, State Farm Insurance Agent