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Phelps Insurance has been ordering cookies from Cobblestone for years.  Their customer service is top notch and the cookies are delicious!!  They're a great gift, especially for someone who doesn't live in your area.

Ken Phelps, State Farm Insurance - TX


"Cobblestone Kitchen’s signature cookie is probably the single best cookie I’ve ever had. That sounds dramatic, but they’re the perfect mixture of crunch and chew, salty and sweet. If you can make it past that cookie, Emily makes the best buttercream icing and her sugar cookies are straight addicting. I highly recommend this company for both quality and service."

Kacie, The Kinney Team, Keller Williams - OK 


“I ordered cookies for a wedding shower, and they were a hit!  Not only delicious but beautiful.  Emily was easy to work with and made sure that the cookies matched the color scheme the bride and groom chose for the wedding.  She completely nailed it!  I would absolutely order again.”

Meghan - OK 


“These cookies are amazing! Fresh ingredients and homemade love you can taste! I even had mine shipped to another state. They arrived perfectly intact and so delicious. Perfect to treat yourself or anyone in your world. There is nothing like homemade cookies!”

Christan - CO 


“I ordered the OG Cobblestone Cookies from Cobblestone Kitchen as a treat for my coworkers during the holidays. She not only delivered the cookies to my office, but they were still warm! The cookies didn’t last but an hour and everyone enjoyed them so much. I’d 100% recommend Cobblestone Kitchen for any time you need baked goods for any occasion!”

Malory - OK

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